President's Message - October 2009

Sean Keenan, MD FAAEM


Welcome to the USAAEM website and to an exciting year for the Uniformed Services chapter!

As the continued support for our armed forces at war goes into its ninth year, the services of emergency physicians continue to be needed on the battlefields in Southwest Asia and other areas. Back in our medical treatment facilities, we are manning the front lines of medical care for our service men and women, and their families. Our continued support across the entire spectrum of military medicine offers us daily challenges and opportunities to serve not only our patients, but our armed forces. And for this, I am proud to be a member of one of the few military medical specialties on the different "front lines" during these dynamic times in our history.

USAAEM represents the interests of military emergency physicians to our parent organization. A large part of AAEM is clinical education, and we are capitalizing on some fantastic educational opportunities this year. We have partnered with CALAAEM to bring all of USAAEM members a subscription of WestJEM at no additional membership cost. This educational journal is but one of the benefits of being a member of USAAEM.

Last year, we had a very successful pre-conference course in Phoenix, Arizona. This year, capitalizing on our success, we will offer a full-day pre-conference course in Las Vegas on Sunday, February 14, 2010, the day before the 16th Annual AAEM Scientific Assembly on February 15-17, 2010. This chance to gather with our colleagues will allow for sharing medical "lessons learned" with our civilian colleagues, and will give us a forum for education, socializing and sharing our experiences. Having attended the last two Scientific Assemblies, I am excited to attend what will no doubt be our best pre-conference course yet in regards to military emergency medical education. Likewise, the AAEM Scientific Assembly offers some of the finest clinical education available today in emergency medicine. I am encouraging all USAAEM members to attend this event, as a cornerstone of your continuing medical education for the upcoming year.

We continue to look for opportunities for mentoring our membership. Many of our membership are involved in operational assignments at all levels of the services. Others are at the main academic institutions or working in community hospital settings. For our student and resident members, this is a great network to explore practice opportunities for the future. Please contact any member of our board of directors for further information about our specialty, and particularly for practice in the military.

I am excited to serve as the president of the USAAEM. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the chapter.


Sean Keenan, MD FAAEM